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NCS Facility Management Limited

NCS Facility Management Limited is a household name in Nigeria's industrial and commercial life.

It is more or less the truth say that NCS Facility Management Limited epitomizes the Nigerian Facility Management Industry. In a large indeed by any yardstick, the history of the facility management industry in this country is the history of the NCS Facility Management Limited and vice-versa.

NCS Tank Cleaning Limited.

NCS Tank Cleaning Ltd. was established in 2004 to provide tank cleaning services to the oil and petrochemical industry using mobile and fully integrated process systems, offering simultaneous tank cleaning and separation of the cleaned out materials, using the 'Oreco BLABO' technology.

NCS Tank cleaning solutions make tank cleaning faster and safer while ensuring the highest achievable cleaning quality. With reduced cleaning time and minimal and consumption of valuable resources such as water, chemicals and energy, our solutions cut operating expense and increase productivity for our customers, concurrently improving safety, as there is no need for physical human entry into the tank.

NCS Tank Cleaning operations are environmentally friendly, minimizing waste disposals and hydrocarbons emmissions of the air, eliminating human entry and recovering up to 95% of the hydrocarbons.

Personnel are specially trained by our international affiliates, Oreco A/S, in order to ensure that the process complies with increasingly demanding legal and safety requirements.

For more than 45 years, Nigeria Cleaning Services Limited has provided professional cleaning and janitorial services and has added tank cleaning services to one of its areas of specialisation, making the lives of Nigerians and its residents a cleaner and safer one.

JGA Johnson General Agencies Limited

As subsidiary of the Johnson group of companies, Johnson general agencies was incorporated in 1971, as a general service company. Its initial line of business was the importation and selling of furniture and furnishings, later diversifying into the provision of security guards and gardeners to private and corporate individuals.

With the thriving business climate in the late 70s and early 80s, It constructed its present head office, Cleanjohn house, located in the ever busy area of Matori industrial estate, Mushin, and also hosts the five sister companies of Johnson group - Nigeria Cleaning Service Limited, Indian Dawn products, Johnson Industries Limited, Cleanjohn Limited and NCS tank cleaning limited.

With the advent of improved telecommunication services in Nigeria, Johnson general agencies obtained a license from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and diversified into the marketing of telecommunication products, with specific interest in GSM lines, phones and accessories.

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