Over and above the usual business risks cover, clients properties are further protected by our liability insurance.

Health and Safety Policy

We will operate in a manner designed to minimize environmental health or safety hazards.

We are committed to protecting our clients properties, employees and others in the vicinity of our operations through proper design and training of our personnel and offering services that are demonstrably protective of human health and the environment.

We are prepared to handle emergencies within the confines of our operations.

We will encourage employees to report to management any condition which they believe can endanger the environment or pose health or safety hazards.

We strive to give all our members of staff access to free medical treatment.

Environmental Protection Policy

As a family - owned company of more than forty six years, which has successfully marketed cleaning services over the years, we believe in respecting and protecting the environment.

For us, this concern derives directly from the basic principles that have guided us from the beginning. Our objectives always extended beyond financial growth to include broader social goals. Foremost among these is promoting health and well being of families; not only the families of today, but also the families of tomorrow.

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